Diary of Design Thoughts

Design Thoughts

Diary of Design Thoughts

Below are some design thoughts written in my diaries over the years.

5th dec 2012 - Emerging Pattern -The emerging global pattern is towards less material where footprint is less and design is slim. Its not about compartments and big volumes but about integrating parts into compact whole. What results is simplicity of expression.

20th june 2013 - New Directions -The new directions of architecture needs to align with contemporary time and the products  that the present era makes. Its about the flow, continuity, about a whole and monolithic formation. Its about a light footprint and about space over matter. Its about an architecture where land and habitat becomes one and an organic continuity prevails. The architects needs to understand the language of contemporary products. These designs are smart, organic forms, sleek and dynamic, consuming less matter and adapting to human form.

20th august 2017 - On Process and Product - The design process is just as vital as the final product. In the process is the honest glimpse of the way towards the product. To enrich the process is to enrich the final outcome. A richer process allows explorations, refinement, sketches, mock ups, reflections, discussions that help evolve the final design. And to document these is to value 'the way'

21st august 2017 - On Architect's role - An  architect needs to rise, go beyond an individual practice to encompass larger concerns, of nourishing and inspiring the young talent, of sharing observations and thoughts to larger fraternity, of addressing design concerns of global relevance.

11th june 2013 - On design of contemporary products -  ones sees the design of the mouse and feels its sleekness, designed to fit into human hand. The contemporary form is compact, flowing and with dynamic lines. These needs to be interpreted in our architecture to align with the sensibilities of the present time and people.

1st oct 2013 - On perfection in the art of dance - Perfection is not in symmetry or a rigid form or frigid move, which can be anticipated but in informality, looseness, effortless movement. This is something natural, that allows imprecisions and this enchants. This is the evolution of art from a rigid formation to a more intuitive freerer one, something which is the essence of nature.How does one as an architect understand and interpret informality, flow and allow nature and let things happen? How does one make an architecture that is more alive?

8th feb 2014 - Information Junk- There is too much junk in the form of information, emails, social media etc. Humans needs to isolate and connect with themselves. The virtual world has taken over. The role of an architect is not to just interpret these characteristics but see the larger concerns. To address and counteract the vices and respond to the positive aspects of our time.

jan 2016 - Place specific design - This can be at a conceptual level where one understands and interpret the cultural nuances and climate of that place and then it can be a material level where the techtonics of architecture is through use of local materials. The use of natural materials give a timeless quality to architecture but use of natural materials available in that place give a rootedness, relevance and characteristic flavour. 

13th june 2017 - On Design Process - Exlorations needs to be a vital part of a design process, where objectively one explores contextual conditions and find appropriate solutions. Also its about coming to specific unique solutions where each project is unique in terms of spatial experience alongwith practical solutions preferred by the user. In general the aesthetics and the pragmatic needs to be balanced in any design if it is to be good enough.

20th july 2017- A thought on Beauty - In the natural world, the patterns of creation and survial for existence is beauty itself. Beauty is integral and not a redundant layer.

4th Aug 2017 - Architect as a medium - The more an architect can come out his personal preference and flow with specific nuances of place, purpose and people ,the greater is the architect for then he is a true medium, a natural extension of the universal intelligence and his creation is an organic continuation of the natural world.