Interpretation Center


About Project

we are thankful to Shri Shrenik Kasturbhai & Shri Hemant Broker for their support on the project


Taranga, 2005

This institutional project sits amidst the Taranga hills, a remote Jain pilgrimage. As a contemporary institution, comprising of a multipurpose hall and administration area, it is set between an adjoining old dharmasala and the main temple complex. It is layered to have plinths, open spaces and semi open spaces. The entire mass develops gradually from the entrance steps towards the exhibition space, so as to continue the vision of the observer towards the hills.

While the main temple next to this building is an inwardly oriented built form suited for the purpose of worship, the proposed center shall have an outward orientation to link the building to the surrounding landscape. In reference to the temple orientations, the proposed building shall also be oriented in cardinal directions while the open and semi open spaces are oriented in other directions to have multiple orientations and views into distant landscape. The organization is open ended and having open courtyards in between to have continuous wind currents. The building is clad in Bansipatpura stone and other portions have shades of cream so as to evoke the feel of a religious environment.