Jain Museum


About Project

Proposal submitted

we are thankful to Architect Balkrishna Doshi and Museologist Lalitbhai for their support on this project
The site for this museum is in the existing campus on outskirts of gandhinagar. The brief of the clients was to have a unique and contemporary museum that will house the ancient sculptures, miniature paintings, Manuscripts and other artefacts. The proposed museum is a 35,000 sq ft building having  display spaces, auditorium, conference room, workshops and storage areas. It is a centralized plan based on the square diagram. The interior space planning is based on flexibility for display and hierarchy of display areas with intensity of natural light reducing from periphery towards the center.
The design dealt with the issues of continuity of movement of the observer and yet having modulating volumes to allow a stimulating experience. The external form simulates the geometry of Jain architecture and the internal environment shall be a serence dark place to heighten a spiritual experience. One of the primary concerns was a energy conscious and sustainable design and also regulated environment to create conducive condition for the delicate artefact exhibited within. The design introduces wind shafts that draws in air and central atrium allows ventilation at higher level. The natural light shall be diffused and the main mass of the building shall be shaded by cantilevered filter panels.