The Elemental house


About Project

Sola, Ahmedabad, 2019

This house situated in one of the developing parts of north west Ahmedabad is a dwelling place for three generations of a family. The site has linear proportions with an existing neem tree on western part, and the house layout exploits this linearity through three layers of open spaces, the front garden, the central courtyard and the backyard. Essentially the spaces are around the central open courtyard and terraces towards the front garden and backyard. This layout allows ample natural light and ventilation within the spaces and connects the spaces to the natural elements.The central court is open ended on north and is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional courtyard of Indian dwellings.

The ground floor houses the living, dining and kitchen areas along with parents bedroom and drawing area towards the front garden.The first floor is segregated into two zones with west part belonging to the elder son and his daughter while the east part is for the younger son and his kid. This floor is released through outdoor terraces from each of the son’s rooms. These terraces become private spaces for both the sons and encourages a lifestyle that connects to the natural elements.

The second floor located in south east part houses the entertainment room with a small terrace. This floor is located such that it is not much visible from court and front west side garden and thereby scales down the house.

The material used externally are exposed concrete, mandana stone cladding and flooring, wood paneling and door windows, creating mostly an earthy palette. Internally the ambience is in contrast having polished natural stone flooring, white painted walls and ceiling.