The house by the trees


About Project

Pallodia, 2017

The house by the Trees is a gathering and retreat place on the outskirts of Ahmedabad set amidst the existing neem, chikoo and amla trees. The brief given was to have a spacious and open place yet addressing security concerns

Our primary concern was to weave the house layout with the existing trees, resulting into some trees within the house courts and some trees along its edge and thus random location of existing trees defined the extend of the house. The house is a two bay plan with the front bay having the semi open porch and vestibule and a guest bedroom adjoining it. A linear courtyard segregates the front bay from the rear one enhancing the sense of openness from the enclosed spaces. The rear bay has the living, dining and kitchen on one side and master bedroom on the other side with a semi open lounge that separates these zones in the rear bay.