The Inside-out house


About Project

The idea was to have a house which was airy and whose bedrooms overlooked the backyard garden and yet addressed privacy and security concerns. With this as the primary brief we first started mapping the existing trees on site, some of which were mango trees and developed layouts which would retain and weave these trees. The layout also explored incorporating archetypal Indian courtyards which would then seamlessly blend into their internal spaces. The essence of this house is its openness, the boundaries between inside and outside gradually blurring and creating a dynamic dialogue with nature. The central bay comprises of three courtyards, the inner court, the outer court and third court which is an extension of the dining area and that has an existing mango tree. These series of courtyards allow the house to be inside out. The front bay is a single floor, while the mass at upper level gets built up on rear bay allowing a depth of form from front entry court. The inner and outer courtyard is the soul of the house and layout is organized around these. Introducing these dual courtyards which segregates the front and rear bay was challenging aspect of this layout due to security and climatic concerns. The entire house is intended as a flow of spaces, having modulating light and changing vistas. The design layout and executed house is accomplished through interactive sessions with owner, designers, consultants and contractors and the final outcome is a team effort of all.